1. TANE Custom Menu Theme

    It's interesting that you can actually edit the theme (Image,sound,etc) of main menu of Trainz A New Era.
    go to folder "Trainz A New Era\resources\builtin\base\content\kuid 401543 2050" , inside there are editable gs script and images.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    full image :
  2. Trainz Master Controller Project

    After found a way to create custom lever which support the electro-pneumatic braking system. Now, I'm trying to make a master controller. I'm using arduino leonardo and potentiometer to control the train lever (Custom Onehandle lever include 5 lvl throttle + 1 neutral + 8 lvl brake + 1 emergence) in CAB Mode. The system is complete, Currently thinking about use 3D Printer for printing the lever.
  3. Electro-Pneumatic Brake Physic Test.

    EMU : JR West 223-0 Series.

    Not perfect, but much better than original trainz brake physic.

  4. Trainz A New Era - Densha de GO! Final remake intro

    If you ever play that game. You must be familiar with the opening song.

    Original opening is here

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