1. Guess What

    Im Going To Buy 3254 S1B From K&L Trainz Pretty Soon When i Have Time
  2. Wherea the kuid

    i downloaded the henry from the sudrian commuity there is ONLY one kuid here is Dependency <kuid:311512:6002>
  3. Union Pacific Steam

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    Im in search of these three gems of the railroading world they are: UP FEF 844 Northern, UP 3985 Challenger and UP 4014 Bigboy.
    The FEF and Late Challenger were, at one time, available through ANL at RRMods, and at through rudolf3910's at TrainzItalia. Unfortunately, both downloads have yet to return (if me memory serves me correct).

    Also, didn't someone make a reskin of the default Big Boy as #4014 and post it here? I can't remember who it was, though...