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    Try this website: Bridgemelters Trainz - http://www.rapid-shares.nl/index.php?/files/
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    You're going to have better luck asking on the forums rather then the blog. Not a lot of people read the blogs. There is even a dutch-languge section which may even be able to provide you with better support.
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    Hi.Do you need information of japan xings.

    wikipedia is here
    There are some video on youtube
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    Quote Originally Posted by titanicchristo
    こんにちは、イムは、現在のセッションでの作業、JRのファンが私はあなたのすべての愛と思う !
    When put into Google-Translate, this turns into:
    Hello, Im, I think the love of all of your work in the current session, a fan of JR!
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    こんにちは、イムは、現在のセッションでの作業、JRのファンが私はあなたのすべての愛と思う !
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    Hi and welcome to Trainz,

    The blogs are not intended for support. Hardly anyone reads them, so you are better off posting your question on the forum.
    I suggest you try again here:
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    I'm also working on some routes that deal with large JP trains.