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Do the finer points of Trainz content creation sometimes seem elusive to you? Just where are the masters of these black arts getting their clues from? In a forest of features how do you separate the fruit from the faux pas and false information? Well, my friend you need flail around no more because the TrainzDev Blog is here to guide you.

If you're a content creator or an advanced user looking to get the most out of Trainz, you've come to the right place. Keep an eye on the TrainzDev Blog!

  1. Using the Trainz AI in sessions, Part 2

    This is part 2 of 'Using the Trainz AI in sessions'. Please refer to Part 1 for simpler techniques.

    Breaking up trips at appropriate locations using intermediate trackmarks

    Using '(drive / navigate) via trackmark' commands to set waypoints for the AI to help it find the path you intend it to use to get somewhere is a straightforward concept. But this is not the only effect that breaking up an AI's journey into sections will have. Remember that the AI command chooses a route ...
  2. Using the Trainz AI in sessions, Part 1

    The Trainz AI is a very powerful, very flexible system. However, this complexity and power can lead to perceived unreliability and recurring problems. Without a clear understanding of what it is doing and why, these problems can prove to be frustrating and difficult to solve.

    All AI orders that cause the AI to do some driving operate in much the same way. A route is calculated for the AI to follow, in the form of a list of actions (mostly of the form "take junction X in direction ...
  3. Cab interiors

    When the player enters cab view, the cab interior model occupies the majority of the screen. It's important therefore that cab interior is up to the punishment of close scrutiny. It takes a long time to do a good job and unfortunately there's no escaping it. Sufficient polygonal detail; good texture resolution and careful consideration are key to providing a convincing impression.

    For the advanced modeller, there are some suggestions here and here about setting up lighting ...
  4. Content creation for Trainz: A New Era

    I have been asked by several content creators recently about what they will need to do to make content for Trainz: A New Era and our new graphics engine, currently codenamed 'E2'. While we have no E2 specific tools or techniques to discuss at the moment, there are things content creators can do when making content for current versions to get the most out of the backwards compatibility that E2 offers with current version content. In particular:


    Make good use of LOD. ...
  5. Using LOD effectively

    When to use LOD?

    Mesh LOD is most useful in two distinct scenarios:
    • When a single object is very highly detailed, such that it is reasonably "expensive" in its own right.
    • When an object may be used repeatedly throughout the scene, such that it is "expensive" in total even if not per object instance.

    As an example of the first, we can consider our 1000 polygon skyscraper. Even if there is only one instance of the skyscraper in the scene, reducing ...
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