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  1. Dcatrambone's Avatar
    Very nice i love it
  2. john2002's Avatar
    I'm sure in 2016 it will be BNSF's 20th anniversary and they may do these!
  3. Cody6106's Avatar
    cool nice routes.
  4. PerRock's Avatar
    Notice of change. Blogs 3 & 4 were combined. There will still be a new one next week, I'm just not sure what on yet (I have a few ideas, just have to pick one)

  5. PerRock's Avatar
    Ya, I forgot the banner image...
  6. chris2001trainz2010's Avatar
    I really like the 5th one!
  7. Isaacg's Avatar
    I think it's a great concept and idea - I don't think I've actually ever mentioned it but you are very good at what you do in graphic designing.
  8. chris2001trainz2010's Avatar
    Cool! I've always like that site!
  9. PerRock's Avatar
    There's only one item that's in an Amtrak Trainz Group paint scheme, the current plan is not to re-do it into American Trainz Group. I do however have an idea or two for some other content I'd do in American Trainz. But that's all back-burner stuff for now, I have to get the website finished first.
  10. Andres_Nunez's Avatar
    Will this mean that Trainz content with AMTZ schemes will be redone to a new scheme to represent American Trainz Group or no?
  11. DON49PLM's Avatar
    You did a real nice job at selling seat on your railroad. I'm ready to jump on a airplane and fly right there. keep having fun. Don
    Updated September 8th, 2014 at 12:06 PM by DON49PLM
  12. JCitron's Avatar
    Great job, Peter. I really like the professional artistic brochure.

  13. PerRock's Avatar
    They're reskins of their Payware ES44DCs, not the KCS one. Although I would presume their quite similar model wise & could talk to them about releasing them; I hadn't planned on it since they are based off the payware model.


    Edit: oh and the KCS unit is an ES44AC.
    Updated August 9th, 2014 at 08:30 PM by PerRock
  14. chickenlover's Avatar
    Very nice! If these are reskins of the freeware KCS "Belle" ES44DC, could you please ask the JointedRail team if you can upload them to your site?
  15. Jacobchgo19's Avatar
  16. kingstonflyer's Avatar
    Nicely Done PerRock,hard to pick out a favourite they all look the part.
  17. Logman's Avatar
    WoW - These units are just awesome, wish I had as much talent. Well done sir.
  18. PerRock's Avatar
    I almost forgot. We hope to also release a new version of our SBCX cars, the new cars utilize new texturing techniques I've learned.

  19. PerRock's Avatar
    I presume your referring to the shininess of the Amfleet. That isn't something really achievable with just reskining. They are currently about as shiny as I can make them without having the original mesh.

  20. mp202's Avatar
    Well the skins on the Amfleets seemed to always lack the luster of an actual Amfleet. I guess that is just personal preference.

    So it's really just fixing errors to bring it up to standards.
    I really appreciate what you are doing here, though. A lot of the content really needs to be brought up to TS12.
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