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  1. nathanmallard's Avatar
    Here: http://eastleighworks.jimdo.com/locomotives/
    This doesn't have the texture issues the other one has.
  2. tomtom600's Avatar
    Hope someone makes it in SR olive green!
  3. nathanmallard's Avatar
    For info on how to fix it, try and post a help thread in the General Trainz forum, because I don't really know how.
  4. chickenlover's Avatar
    Ow. But more content has been opened!
  5. nathanmallard's Avatar
    When you say cab do you mean the outside or the interior? That E2 doesn't have an interior but I have a suspicion that the texture files may be broken, causing the cab\bunker area to go see through.
  6. chickenlover's Avatar
    Ok. the cab looks invisible.
  7. chickenlover's Avatar
    thanks. Yow mean a lot to me.
  8. nathanmallard's Avatar
    I know how to fix this. Here's how:
    1. On the TS2010 launcher screen select the 'main menu' tab.
    2. Go to options.
    3. Tick 'enable compatibility mode for older content'
    4. Restart Trainz. It should now work.
  9. chickenlover's Avatar
    Exept the train is not there.
  10. chickenlover's Avatar
    Thank you!
  11. nathanmallard's Avatar
    Scroll down to 'SRE2.cdp'. Downloaded it. It should work in TS2010, beware though it won't work in the IPad or Mobile versions. (It seems obvious, but a lot of beginners who have IPad seem to think you can install .cdps on to the IPad version. You can't.)
  12. chickenlover's Avatar
    I do not want it to have Thomas' whistle. It's not real. I want a whistle made from scratch.
  13. tomtom600's Avatar
    Yeah good idea! They would look good on a small branch line.
  14. chickenlover's Avatar
    ok i got it
  15. chickenlover's Avatar
  16. oknotsen's Avatar
    Do not make support questions a blog post. Hardly anyone reads those. Make it a topic here and you probably get a reaction a LOT faster: http://forums.auran.com/trainz/forum....php?59-TS2010