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  1. scratchy's Avatar
    Splines make everything cool! You can customize anything to suit the situation if you have the time and patience to get it right

    Some pretty simple linemarking added to an unmarked road can make all the difference. Look around on google maps and add road signs that are relevant too

  2. scratchy's Avatar
    For the parallel parking embayments I ran two road splines next to each other through the length of it, the edge of this road is more dirty which I chose to represent water sitting. Because of drainage you usually slope the parking toward the road. I used the grid lines to mark up equal lengths and tapers on the bays (engineers like symmetry), I then used some pretty wide footpath, again running back to back like the road, then adding the diagonal tapers and used the straighten tool to suit. A well designed bay will have about a 45deg taper.

  3. scratchy's Avatar
    Currently working on a fictional route after watching virtualrailfans webcam footage of a train collecting a car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pi-nmUFLV8 in Ashland, VA

    Quite fun so far, lots and lots of spline points!