1. "Release Candidate" TANE Mac version available

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    Look at the first part of the address and you will see what I mean.

    With all due respect, Shane, I didn't see what you mean, And, I'm sure that many others who are not computer savvy but love the Trainz game have the same problem. Thanks to gallon, who posted the actual URL and your response to him, with the actual URL, was I able to get to the download. Something is now downloading and will take an hour. I Hope it's the right thing. It's file:///Users/dickkraus/Downloads/TrainzMac_SIMCENTRAL_76767.app.zip.download/ ...
  2. TANE V1.2 for iMAC

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    Well, I had heard a date for the new Mac T:ANE version to be today, May 28th. And I arose early to try to beat the crowd to the download. I can't find anything. Why is there no solid information coming out about the Mac release? I scan the many forums for some clue, but there are so many forums and so little information.
    I have been struggling with the original T:ANE version and it is now so corrupted that I have lost the use of so many industries due to my own stupidity. Some thing that