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  1. hiawathamr's Avatar
    No problem! I haven't tried MPRX in TRS19 yet, as I been updating a few other things (and waiting to see if HP releases their TRS19 version of the route as well)

    Glad you are enjoying the sessions, and nothing is broken majorly

  2. normhart's Avatar
    Thanks Hiawathamr! Coincidentally I've just got done importing Marias Pass into TRS19 as well as all of your sessions. While I have not had the time to test them all, the two that I did try seemed fine. The route itself has one broken asset, that yarnish error and all your sessions reference an asset that I only have an earlier version of but that is easily addressed. All in all well done!
    Updated March 16th, 2019 at 02:19 PM by normhart