Gordon and the Swamp

Gordon the big blue express engine loves being shiny and clean. He is the fastest and most powerful engine of all, agreeing to pick up passengers.
One morning, Gordon was told to pull some coaches to a station that was being built.
"I need a big engine to pull some passengers to a new station," said Sir Topham Hatt.
"Good idea for me," puffed Gordon. "I might even have a pet frog to keep on Sodor." Sir Topham Hatt finally agreed as Gordon trundled away.

His journey took him over to a forest where there was mist all around.
Gordon slowly chugged through the forest, and found that he couldn't stop. Up ahead was a spooky swamp.
His Driver put on his brakes, but it was too late...there was a sliding, groaning splash.
"Help Help! Help!" called Gordon as he slid down the embankment and into the water. Three frogs hopped closer to him.

"Gordon," Sir Topham Hatt explained, "I always knew that you wanted a pet frog, but this is not
the way to achieve it. You must go to the yards and be mended."

When Gordon was repaired again, he took the children to the station that was being built. Inside the coaches, one of the children had a pet frog for Gordon because she bought it from the pet store.
"I am the most powerful engine on Sodor," huffed Gordon.

He stopped just in time at the station, and the children got out of his coaches.
"Here you go," said a little girl, handing a pet frog to Sir Topham Hatt.
"Thank you so much," Sir Topham Hatt smiled. "Gordon, you must take the pet frog to the Sheds."

Soon after that, Harold the Helicopter came to lift the frog in its tank. Then men came to fasten the frog in the tank onto Gordon's flat truck.

By the time he arrived at the Yards, Thomas, Percy, and Toby were waiting.
"A new pet!" cried Percy. "Isn't it pretty?"
"Sure it is," replied Thomas.
"I brought this to keep in the Sheds," huffed Gordon.
Everyone liked Gordon's new pet frog.

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