WEN's blog of randomness

Welcome to my interesting or not-so-interesting, non thought provoking, dull and boring blog.

All the content is designed to provoke boredom and the entries show no thought in their design and construction what so ever.

What you will expect to find is the (lack of) information of my current project and exploration in the Trainz world to where you can hate my work and post all your hate mail on my blogs. Well, if you don't get it, I was referring to my blogs in a negative way. You should find all sorts of interesting information of my current projects status and hopefully able to share your information and thoughts to what I am doing in the world of trains, perhaps the odd random entry here and there. You may find a few running gags here and there, so before you enter, I think there needs to be a few warning signs because its all electric down here.

  1. Just a random update:

    And look at that 40,196 poly's worth of detail... remember, no drooling!

  2. EMUs.....

    Sorry, I mean an EMU. After thinking "oohhh, must have a poptart" and celerbrating my birthday which turned into a massive coughing fit as I sweep my way around courts picking up loads of dust, dirt and then for the dirty work, given a tart at the end of it (how thoughtful of my management. I was suprised.), I thought "Oh yes, the 502, realistic for the 16th of February to get it into Railworks and Trainz?"

    [IMG]http://i57.photobucket.com/albums/g217/wessexelectricnut/Work ...