1. It's Been Awhile

    I just realized that it's been over a year since I posted an update to my blog on the progress of my R3 West Trenton/R8 Fox Chase/Newtown route. Sorry to anyone who has been hoping for news; I'll try to post updates much more frequently.

    At any rate, here's where things stand: West Trenton-Trevose is complete, though I do need to do some ground texturing in West Trenton. Somerton through 16th Street is needs trackside scenery built out more and ground textures, but is functionally ...
  2. Releasing my Content Early

    So, I decided to release an alpha of my West Trenton/Fox Chase/Newtown route. As pointed out in the freeware section, I'm doing this now simply because I don't want my stuff to disappear into the ether should, say, I lose interest in Trainz, or whatever. I'm not saying that I've lost interest at all, just that, well, you know how things are, and I don't want to be like so many other content creators who left the community and let anyone else pick up the torch.

    So, here you are. They ...
  3. Blog

    I'm a content creator with two routes in progress. First is my SEPTA R3 West Trenton/R8 Fox Chase/Newtown route. This is an electrified route that operates between West Trenton, NJ and Philadephia, PA. The line features an interesting mix of electric passenger action and heavy-duty diesel freight operations. My other route, MainStreet, which I work on from time to time just for kicks, is a fictional, suburban town, but it effectively incorporates two separate train sets, a diesel loop and a partially-underground ...