1. FEC Key West extension modern day

    [FONT=arial]As of September 14, 2013:
    It is going to be announced that I going to stop posting in brickbuilder711's threads and start my own threads and my own FEC Key West Route as of September 14, 2013. Along with my own Key West/Florida Route, I will be doing my own Traffic Lights (ATLS) and RR Crossings Gantries/Cantilevers, and I apologizes for having brickbuilder711 (Tolga) in trouble everybody in this thread. So I will be posting ...
  2. DKDSmith's New Content RR Xing and Traffic Light Content Screenz (with Jacobchgo19)

    [QUOTE=dkdsmith;1189422]I have created this thread for me and Jacobchgo19 to help me do some RR Xings and traffic Lights (ATLS) collection. :cool:

    I have successfully created my first two traffic light pole/gantry throughout Auran GMAX Trainz Gamepack, here are the screenshots:


  3. Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006 Fatal Error and Game Problems

    [QUOTE=dkdsmith;1201787]Okay, Its been 3 years since I have stopped playing TRS2006, because its keep getting the same error, everytime I tried to launch it. So here is the fatal error message that I get every time I keep opening the Auran Trainz Launcher:

    [B][FONT=arial][COLOR=#333333]A fatal error has occurred.
    [SIZE=1][FONT=arial][COLOR=#333333]Class: Hardware[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#333333]Reason: Access Violation[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#333333]Version: ...
  4. (My Content) RR XING And Traffic Light Screenz

    [QUOTE=brickbuilder711;396792]I have finally sufficiently learned GMAX modelling. I have created my first asset and have successfully got it in Surveyor. More to come!

    Traffic Light Pole -[I] Optimal for much of Florida and parts of other states, Optimal to combine with boat's lights in a free hanging form[/I]

    [I]Features sufficient detail and sufficient poly![/I]

    [IMG]http://i479.photobucket.com/albums/rr156/brickbuilder711/brickbuilder711_20090201_0000.jpg[/IMG] ...
  5. New Content: FEC Key West/Miami, Florida Route & RR Xings and Traffic Lights project

    [QUOTE=dkdsmith;1199494][COLOR=#333333]I have created this thread for my FEC Key West/Miami, Florida Route and my Railroad Xings and Traffic Lights Project from the previous thread "FEC Key West Extension Modern Day." So in this thread, I will be doing my own Florida Route with Miami and Key West. So I'll be working on it, and my RR Xings and Traffic Lights project along with my route. [/COLOR]:cool:[/QUOTE]
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