twenty-first century steam breather

I may have been born too late (WAAAY too late, in fact) to see the last of the great engines steam off into the setting sun, but to me, despite having vanished into history over 50 years, the Challengers, Mohawks, Mikados, Mallets, and all there brethren still live on. Seriously, you should hear what's going on in my brain right now: It's the whistle symphony from hell

Fair Warning, I love to rant. I guess that's what this newfangled blog-thingie is for--at least for me anyway. Anything an everything is fair game: my take on things going on both on the forums and in the real railroad world, thoughts of this and that, random news updates, etc etc etc. Also, since any mention of trains in the "real world" usually leads to lots of rolled eyes --yep, there it is right there--and several others ranging from a simple "Dude, what on earth are you talking about?!" up to and includinhg getting bullied for my love of all things steam powered and riding on two rails, This will probably be my place to spout off the cornicopia of railway facts swimming around in my brain that, frankly, are going to help me exactly 0.00 percent in life. From time to time, an update or two might appear concerning a few of the routes I'm *cough* working on to release.

With that said, I leave this open to you. Enter at your own risk Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta shut up the idiots trying to play "Don't Stop Believing" on a Luckenbacher 3-Chime. God help me if I get any sleep tonight.

  1. My Railroad, My Rules.

    by , March 12th, 2012 at 01:26 PM (twenty-first century steam breather)
    One of the great things about trainz (as I mentioned previously) Is the ease and flexibilty of Surveyor that allows you build just about anything. I know many here on the forums build and are building prototypical-to-the-smallest-detail routes and layouts, whether from a DEM or freehand (and god help you if you do the latter). But with surveyor, the possibilites are endless. look at the roller-coasters on YouTube, for example.

    Me, I freelance.

    Now, I've said to acquaintances ...
  2. The wierd guy in the back of the engine shop

    by , February 18th, 2012 at 11:55 PM (twenty-first century steam breather)
    Hello, and welcome to my electronic lair. Now get out while you still can

    I've never been like everybody else. I'll say that up front. I would stare like a deer in the headlights whenever somebody brought up the latest car from ford or dodge or whoever (like I care anyway). I would spend hours putting pencil to paper, drawing steam locomotives and dreaming of sitting in the right-hand seatbox, hauling down the whistle cord as the pounding 2-8-2 under my feet tried valiantly ...