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  1. Jumping into a New World

    Yesterday, I purchased TransDEM. It was a leap of money and faith to see what I could produce, I had no idea what I was getting into and hardly read information regarding it beyond knowing what to buy and what was required.

    So far, my results are not impressive. I have the hang of how to use the program and have officially generated Google Earth mapped rail lines, but unfortunately, the topography is off horribly. I know this because the area is local to me. The area is overly hilly ...
  2. Money & Progess

    Railroad operate day a night to make money. Money is the core of everything, whether we as railfans notice it or not. Locomotives are assets in which they are paid by the company for and are understood that they should operate to make money and to do so efficiently and with the best possible way. In this respect, many classical and well-respected locomotives have fallen from rosters in favor of newer locomotives that out-preform the yesteryear hit model. It's hard for a railfan and person in general ...
  3. Do you remember?

    Last year I acquired someones life-long collection of model railroad magazines for a mere $10.00. After going through, I found an old 1998 or 1999 issue of Model Railroad Craftsman. Guess what was featured? Trainz. It was showing a guy playing it on an old computer at a display. The caption told how he was playing a virtual version of his planned HO scale dream layout.

    The article continued to explain how the new program was more for a funner side of creating your own layout than the ...
  4. Mid West Trainz Project Updates - 3/21/12


    Upcoming Routes:
    Waldren & Northern Route
    B&B Shortline

    Upcoming Sounds:

    Nathan K3
    Nathan K3 (w/electronic bell)

    Upcoming Reskins:
    B&B Shortline SD16

    Routes are for TRS2006+.

    - Joshua
  5. A Small Slice of False Realism.

    If you want a fictional railroad, but don't want it looking fictional. There are many solutions. Now, although that may sound a bit off, let me explain. Fictional railroads are usually based off prototypes. Or maybe they are a fantasy railroads, but either way, you want them to look like they would be real railroads. So, to do small railroads just remember these things:
    • Money is something railroads don't like to spend.
    • Power comes at a price, so don't say your railroad started off with