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  1. Trainz iPad version 1.1 just released!

    Trainz iPad Update Version: 1.1

    What's new in this version?

    • Streamlined touch input for even greater user control.
    • Improved lighting features.
    • Added new weather conditions, now you can drive through rain and snow!
    • New content menu, allowing you to upload your own routes and download ones by made by your friends!
    • New controls that allow users to set the time
  2. Register your copy of Trainz to get more!

    If you own a copy of Trainz you should register it with us. In order for you to do this you must create a Planet Auran account: https://www.auran.com/planetauran/register.php

    Download Station
    Get Access to over 100,000 unique pieces of Trainz content for FREE via the download station when you register your Trainz serial number on Planet Auran! Everything from new locomotives, stations, buildings, textures and many more assets to customise your routes with.

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