1. LBSCR South London Overhead Emu Motor Brakes

    Hi all well after a major struggle that has been ongoing for two weeks Jay and I have now managed to get the South London units working in TRS2004-TRS2006.
    After much head banging against the wall and hair pulling out I have today just uploaded the units to TPR.
    So what did go wrong well originally there were three units but no matter what I tried I could not get the none drive unit to show up or work .
    I ended up cloning the one motor brake that was working and removed the driver ...
  2. Things That Went Wrong 2

    Normally when I convert Jays content I dont get many problems but this time I got a lot.
    Things that went wrong = Lit lights did not work in either TRS2004/TRS2006 so I looked at some of his other lights that were done for his Lbscr content and found that these did work although the lamp colour = white or red did not match the the ones unlit that were on the loco.
    I got round this by using different parts from different lamps and made a matching set for the Loco and Tender.
    The ...
  3. Thiings that went wrong

    Hi all you may know that I convert asnd repackage TS09 content so that it will work in TRS2004/TRS2006.
    Well on my latest conversion on jay hollands L1 BR you would not believe the things that went wrong
    First up the L1 BR Loco interior was sourced as the L1 SR livery which meant that when you went to the cab you got to see the SR interior and the SR body instead of the BR livery.
    Next up was the L1 BR Tender which had its chassis sourced as the L1 SR chassis which meant that ...