Just my thoughts...

I've decided to experiment with this blog feature. A feature few figure out, and perhaps I myself have not figured out.
It is my intention with this blog to be humorous and sometimes harsh as well (to the point the CoC allows). If anyone has known me in my few years here at the forums, I have long been opinionated, and very much so to say the least. In just about any thread you can probably find my input, whether good or bad.

I suppose the first thing I'll fire off with is this...
If we're going to have a blog, how about some area where we can read about how to use the thing? Would be most helpful.

Anyhow, as stated before, I plan to share my opinions concerning the forum and the simulator itself. Thoughts, musings, etc. If you're easily offended, I don't suggest reading. If you have an average tolerance level, then you'll do okay here.

Will this blog be as good as Ed's? Likely not, let's just get past the first step of even posting it. Boy, that Auran made guide to posting a blog would sure come in handy.

And as always...

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