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  1. Odd Forum Areas, Photo Textured Rolling Stock

    Here's one, these new areas of the forum, I'd like to challenge the point of their existence for a moment.

    I'll go ahead and list them off. Trainz Talk, Rail News, Competitions and 3rd Party Partners.
    Now to the numb mind, perhaps those sound like great forum areas. Let's give it some thought though.

    Let's start with Trainz Talk. Now, the description says "Trainz news from community members". Well, I suppose I am not a community member considering I can't ...
  2. Directions to the help department...?

    I'll make a quick post here on the blog to address the fact that people need to stop using the blog feature to ask support questions, its flooding the blog page.
    In fact, if one looks through the forum sections, you will find there are specific sections where you may post questions pertaining to your issue and receive appropriate answers. This has been a long standing issue, not only on the blogs but the forum as well. We do not need technical support issues drug across every board on here. ...
  3. Signals, Tutorials and an Old Friend

    Tonight I have a few things I feel are worth writing about, we'll go in order here.

    Signals. Every revenue line uses them, because if you don't use them...you probably don't crank any revenue...anyway, there's many kinds of signal systems out there. Anyone who actually knows me should know the GRS searchlights are very dear to me. In fact, I make a once a week trip to not only do this crazy thing called "railfanning", but moreso shoot the searchlights on my local rail line, ...
  4. Whoah...blog number two...should I even...? Oh why not...

    As most of you probably have seen, my first blog post wasn't exactly a smooth ride. Onward we'll go anyway!

    Joe left a comment on my last blog, and he wondered why he wasn't mentioned. Don't worry Joe, I haven't forgot about you. So I suppose now is a good time to talk about the work Joe has done. Does anyone remember when this guy first showed up? It was another one of those rare happenings where someone shows up with a lot of not only talent, but skill that has crafted that talent. ...
  5. Floods of websites, speedtrees and more.

    Recently in the community, it seems like website after website has popped up. This has been good and bad at the same time, in my humble opinion. One of my questions on this matter last night was aimed towards someone who already has a free website, but has created another for essentially the same thing, just a different railroad. This I do not understand. Why make multiple websites, so the people who actually visit them have to navigate all over Al Gore's world wide web to find the other half of ...
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