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  1. 4449tj's Avatar
    I will give this some thought
  2. GTW1226's Avatar
    I got good ideas now. Thanks Epa.
  3. railman15's Avatar
    Excellent tutorial, epa. I may just do this someday, now that I have Trainz 2010.
  4. epa's Avatar
    So Williamb73, our stories are almost exactly the same, eh? The only difference being that I purchased the Marias Pass X when I got TS12.
  5. Williamb73's Avatar
    There is plenty of resources here. Grab yourself a little free program called gimp. It has a little learning curve but works great. If not you could send pics of how you want the C17 plus the model in CDP form. If no model available from g max its like $100. If you have a shell or previous TS2012 Model of the C17 and the job is not too hard some may do it for $20. I'm still learning the program myself as well as new stuff in Tranz everyday.

    Enjoy the learning curve, Cheers William

    Oh and when you start getting that curve down. The rewards are endless!
  6. LittleBondi's Avatar

    I was looking for someone to please help me repaint a C17. I need a bit of help repainting a random C17 to Blue. I f you can help me, please text me back. if you don't know what I am talking about. I want to model the C17 that beudesert Rail had "C17 no. 967". Thanks.
  7. Williamb73's Avatar

    5 years Wow me wow! I like that I was not the only pissed off in loss of content thru various versions. Your story is almost mine! I got 2006 and the Marias Pass demo. I took the grain train session and was over joyed when I was passed by another train on my way to load the grain hoppers! I almost fell out of the seat when the grain cars opened to allow the grain to fall into the cars! Then I had to haul butt to get passed by that Amtrak! WOW those were fun times! I never bought the full route?? why? hmmmmm.

    Oh I got into creating my own! 3 years in the making!

    Thank you for sharing your story!

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