1. What I Learned in Trainz Today... (5/22/17)

    So I'm a little late in the game here. I've had digholes, walls, and the JS Texture Splines floating around in my Trainz menus for months, if not years, but I didn't ever expect to actually *use* them. So...

    What I learned in Trainz today is how to create some pretty neat retainers (or concrete cliffs, whatever you choose to call them) and that I can place objects on top of them to create pretty nifty scenes.

    You start with flat land, like a new baseboard, and create a ...
  2. The Benefits of Screenshot Routes

    You may have seen pics people have posted in the screenshots threads, and you're like "OH I want to build that but I don't want to build some big route just to take one screenshot *FOAMS EVERYWHERE*"

    Well I'm gonna teach you a solution to that problem: a screenshot route.

    You start with maybe three or four baseboards, and line the edges with backdrops, preferably splines.

    Next step: I would prefer building a RR Point of Interest (station, RR park, ...
  3. Epa's Excellent Route Building Adventures! Part 1

    Hello, fellow trainzers!

    This is part 1 of "Epa's Excellent Route Building Adventures"!

    Let's start this off with a warm welcome from Matt (that's me). This is where I tell you about my discoveries, updates, and lessons I learned while building my main WIP, The Harmon and Windrush Railway, which yes, is a fictional railroad. The H&W is a fictional Shortline set in South North Carolina and North South Carolina.

    When I started a route, I built ...
  4. My life with Trainz

    I'm starting to remember my first days of Trainz. I got Trainz Driver North American Edition (not the iPhone game, it was basicallly a TRS2006 demo) back in 2006. I loved it. I didn't like that you couldn't build your own routes or sessions, but I loved using the Amtrak NR 7 session on the Marias Pass (full). The full Marias Pass was included in TDE. I remember when I got TRS2006 back in 2007. It came with a serial number to another game that was not by Auran. God, I was so upset when I found that ...