Trials, Tribulations, Triumphs and Thoughts on creating and running this route in Trainz 2009 and 12, and now T:ANE.

  1. Landscape Linkup

    Today the scenery is complete on the east (timetable north) side of the tracks. Maybe this route will be complete by Hallowe'en. I am stoked!


    August 29, 2016. Today the last ziggurat is smoothed and the landscape rolls gently (or otherwise) from Iron Ridge to Fond Du Lac.

    There are only about 2-1/2 miles of scenery to install, from MP 137 down to 134 or so. Happily much of it is farmland although the village of Neda needs to be filled out.
    The great end-of-world gap SW of Jones' siding (Limestone Country) has been filled with yet another drumlin, a lake and a dam, per prototype. It's very satisfactory. ...
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  3. Mayville: Almost Done

    Mayville is looking good. Parking lots and foliage around the South Mayville industrial park are still needed. The stream had to be re-routed due to all the construction, which has eaten in to what must once have been a wye and other trackage's roadbed. One LP crossing was eliminated at the back gate to Mayville Products and simulated with boards, since it appears disused. The road culvert splines have come out, replaced by pipe per prototype.

    The Seneca Foods mods mentioned in the ...
  4. FDL Fond Du Lac Work In Progress

    Well, yes, it has been near two years since my last post on the Fond Du Lac line and you may well be excused for thinking it's a dead letter. I got involved with other things for a time.

    Work has continued sporadically, however, and it's been more consistent recently. Landscaping is now complete to Mile 140 and is reaching the south town limits of Mayville. There've been some improvements also in Iron Ridge scenery -- the anachronistic corn harvest (it's June) has been changed to an ...

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    The RailDriver reverser handle does not work on Trainz 12 steam engines. It's really not that bad to use the mouse to control the Johnson bar with the mouse hand while working the throttle with the other, but you can also program two of the front panel buttons to work the reverser.

    Program one button "Reverser Up" and the other "Reverser Down" using the RDCabMaker.exe . Operation is about as smooth as the "P" coal shovel, you have to be delicate and you
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