Trials, Tribulations, Triumphs and Thoughts on creating and running this route in Trainz 2009 and 12.

  1. Fond Du Lac v. 9 released

    Aaaand, to my great embarassment, must be replaced by :9, because I broke the E. 11th St. fixing it. The correctioon has been uploaded and perhaps will beat the bad version getting to you, we can hope.

    The Basic Session has been updated too, and the Free Session has been added to the list of mods. Both should be available on the DLS shortly.



    Today uploaded FDL12 Fond Du Lac Branch rev. 8, along with updated sessions:
    Basic Session
    Morning Connection
    The Mayville Turn
    Monday Commuter
    Saturday AM & PM Patrols
    Tuesday AM Patrol
    Tuesday: The FDL Turn

    and with new sessions

    Wednesday 2nd Trick Yard Job
    Wednesday AM Patrol I & II
    Wednesday PM Patrol.

    Also put the MILW SW7 #623 Cold on Dropbox, since it's in 1.5 and can't be uploaded
  3. FOND DU LAC :8

    Doing some polishing prior to uploading version 8 of the Fond Du Lac branch. Now that TANE SP2 is installed, it's time to migrate from 12 just to see if it works, and see what's needed to repair it (always the optimist!)

    The major changes have minimal operational impact:
    • Moved the East and West Iron Ridge mainline signals to clear the foul points.
    • Gave up on the West Forest St crossing (SOO/West Yard) ATLS installation and reverted it to normal automatic control. ATLS could
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  4. Test Screen Shot?

  5. FDL Fond Du Lac: The Mayville Fire Station!

    Quote Originally Posted by RHKluckhohn View Post
    MAYVILLE -- A fire broke out at the Mayville Fire Department on Horicon Street late on Saturday, March 4th.
    Officials said shortly after 10:00 p.m., a passerby saw flames inside the building and called 911.
    The fire was confined to one apparatus. The station had heavy smoke.
    The fire station was ventilated and clean up was underway Sunday.
    Officials said they were still able to provide protection to City of Mayville.
    Monitor FOX6 News and FOX6Now.com for updates on
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