Trials, Tribulations, Triumphs and Thoughts on creating and running this route in Trainz 2009 and 12.

  1. Computer Crash and Burn

    15 January 2018

    Saturday the 13th, for sure. Testing different mice with the "Schedule Rule" to see if mouse driver was the issue. Switch mouse and cold boot, "Windows Cannot find Boot Device." The repair shop says Thursday at the earliest for diagnosis. Then we'll find out how much of the last week's work has been lost.

  2. WIP: FDL:NE, Fond Du Lac for T:ANE

    6 January 2018

    Today downloaded :12 from the DLS along with Morning Connection. Immediately got the red bug; the b___dy XING 1 US popped up again! I missed the one on the easternmost crossing on the SOO. Also found a whole mess of missing assets that were UltraTreez. Thought I'd got them all, but nooooo. In addition, the subterranean track on the SOO led me to realize that there was an issue with the SOO's freeway bridge.

    • Once again it proved impossible to remove the XING by
  3. FDL12: The Friday Sessions

    The week's work cycle is now complete with the release of
    FDL12 Friday AM
    FDL12 Friday Freight for Fond Du Lac
    FDL12 Friday Home To Horicon
    FDL12 Friday In West Yard

    and the HTML support file FDL12-Messages-Friday. They are all approved and should be on the DLS within hours.

    "Support has ended" for the FDL12 Free Session. It's a holdover from 2009 and the versions of Quickdrive in 12 and T:ANE render it obsolete.

  4. Fond Du Lac Updates

    Quote Originally Posted by RHKluckhohn View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by RHKluckhohn View Post
    Fond Du Lac Branch :12 is on the DLC.

    Other changes are detailed on the Fond Du Lac Branch blog. Some major ones:
    • Addition of two baseboards to eliminate the visible baseboard edge at the north end of Limestone Ridge, one ditto the south end of the garbage landfill across from that and two north of South Byron at the S-curve crossing to extend the world a bit.
    • Work on road crossings, trees and vegetation and platforms to improve T:ANE compatibility.
  5. FDL12 :12 RELEASED with Updated Sessionz

    Quote Originally Posted by RHKluckhohn View Post
    Fond Du Lac Branch :12 is on the DLC.

    Operating Changes:

    • Signalling in Downtown Fond Du Lac has been revised and simplified and signals are more indicative.
    • The Mercury Marine siding has been extended 5 meters for more room at the sand dump. Operating sessions affected have been updated.
    • The Brenner Tank siding S-curve is removed and the junction moved south about 5 meters.
    • Iron Ridge (House) Track 3 East has an invisible speed sign for road speed as you enter the main.
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