Trials, Tribulations, Triumphs and Thoughts on creating and running this route in Trainz 2009 and 12.

  1. EMPLOYEE TIMETABLE, Fond Du Lac Branch


  3. Evening At Fond Du Lac Junction

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    Getting close to releasing FDL12 :11 and updated sessions.
  4. FOND DU LAC :11 WIP

    The West Forest Avenue crossing of the West Yard has been bugging me. Yesterday I tried a new approach, creating a second crossing of just the yard tracks with My Level Crossings-3 according to the directions while letting the SOO run on its own as is. Once again, it was all too close and the crossing was activated by cars standing at the adjacent industries and interchanges. Ripped it all out, then had the thought of modifying the My Level Crossings rule to take the minimum clearance down to 6 ...
  5. FOND DU LAC :10 WIP

    When I started the Fond du Lac Branch in 2009 I was sure I'd avoid having a stack of revisions if I was just careful. Figured it would be "finished" by version 4. Oh, well. Still, less than 2 a year on the average.

    Currently going through the sessions checking for issues with other folks' updated assets and spotting stuff I've done that doesn't measure up to my current standards (in other words, creeping perfectionism.) Somewhere between Tuesday p.m. and Wednesday, the FDDM&S
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