1. WIP: FDL:NE, Fond Du Lac for T:ANE

    6 January 2018

    Today downloaded :12 from the DLS along with Morning Connection. Immediately got the red bug; the b___dy XING 1 US popped up again! I missed the one on the easternmost crossing on the SOO. Also found a whole mess of missing assets that were UltraTreez. Thought I'd got them all, but nooooo. In addition, the subterranean track on the SOO led me to realize that there was an issue with the SOO's freeway bridge.

    • Once again it proved impossible to remove the XING by
  2. EMPLOYEE TIMETABLE, Fond Du Lac Branch

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    Trainz Simulator 12 , OPERATION

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    Trainz Simulator 12 , OPERATION
  4. FOND DU LAC :8

    Doing some polishing prior to uploading version 8 of the Fond Du Lac branch. Now that TANE SP2 is installed, it's time to migrate from 12 just to see if it works, and see what's needed to repair it (always the optimist!)

    The major changes have minimal operational impact:
    • Moved the East and West Iron Ridge mainline signals to clear the foul points.
    • Gave up on the West Forest St crossing (SOO/West Yard) ATLS installation and reverted it to normal automatic control. ATLS could
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  5. ATLS In The Yard?

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    Have you tried using it as a 4 trigger system?
    Thanks for the thought, but it was too convoluted as it was. Seven 1-2 way triggers on a channel....

    Turns out the proximate cause of the corrector issue wasn't the correctors -- it was the fact that there was an interactive depot in between. Moved triggers and correctors to their own side of the depot and that issue went away.

    However, I have just ripped out the ATLS at A, B, C and D as being impractical. Additional
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