Today I am calling the route complete.
    • All portals except CNW-Janesville are now fully landscaped.
    • A board has been added in west Mayville.

    • A board has been added in west Brownsville.
    • A board has been added east of the Prairie Road crossing.
    • Three boards have been added to the west edge between Prairie Road and South Byron
    • Brownsville Track 2 is now posted for 10 MPH.
    • All grade crossings are TRC-controlled except Milwaukee W. Grove and Prairie Road, which are ATLS.

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  2. Desiderata For Ver. 8

    Should I ever get around to it:
    • Remove the horn triggers on the Goldencow driveway
    • Extend baseboards and scenic them at each hanging portal
    • Add baseboards on the west side as needed to conceal the end of the world
    • Correct 25 mph warning EB approach to Jones to 30 warning
    • Replace missing 25 mph advance sign EB for South Byron
    • Replace missing WB whistle post W of Horicon St, Mayville
    • New baseboard in Mayville, west side, replace existing dorfpano which lights up at night
    • Add

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  3. Fond Du Lac Route ver. 7 Uploaded

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    FDL Fond Du Lac Branch version 7 has been uploaded and will be available "soon."

    NOTICE TO SESSION BUILDERS: The Brownsville Main St. crossing has been shifted 1-2 feet west and lowered several inches. That straightens the line through the crossing. If any of your sessions have consists starting between the platform or the derail and the west switch you should check to make sure they are on the track.


    1. The signals at South Fond du Lac
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  4. Version :6 Work In Progress

    • First thing done was the safety items. The east whistle posts are back in South Amboy - replaced the old wood posts with new type - and the speed limit on the Metalcraft spur.
    • The mileposts were off by 2/10 mile. Ugh. However, they are now prototypically correct and the signals have been renumbered to match. That was one of the two most time-consuming jobs.
    • Converting crossings from ATLS to Attilacrossings was the other major job. Only those in shunting areas were addressed. That

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  5. Industry, leave my train brake alone!

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    Hi RHKluckhohn
    At the current time, the industries take control of the train in the same way that an AI driver controls the train. This means that when control is returned, the train brakes will be applied as this is what happens when control is returned from an AI driver.

    However, you can generally prevent this from occurring by adding the 'Advanced Industry Load Configuration' rule, and then configuring the industry to not take control of the trains. Please note that in some
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