1. Oh the Stupidity of it all

    So there is a post on the forums, I wont say which one, where a user use's "Hell," "Crap" and the three letter word for Butt that starts with an "A." It was posted over 24 hours ago and not once has a moderator changed any thing. But 5 minutes after I used the word "Idiot" I get a mod jumping me for "Swearing and insulting other members."

    1. I called someone an idiot because it was the truth. They where acting like one, so I called them ...
    Trainz Simulator 12
  2. My Dream of Trainz...

    So I have been building my one route for months now. And I have also been working on a MP route. I have also learned CMTMS.

    I'm watching players move cars about my route and watching the CMTMS do its magic. And its really cool.

    Then I sit here and thing. What if I built a really big, DEM generated real world route. Some think like my Saginaw sub combined with maybe the tracks going north out of Saginaw. Then make and run a 24/7 CMTMS MP session with it. Having people move ...
  3. TOPSIG, Saginaw Sub, MP Comunity, and Trainz....

    So here's the scoop. First of TOPSIG is on the rocks and I might kill it. But Not for good. If I kill TOPSIG I would start VOPSIG, or Virtual Operations Special Interest Group. VOPSIG would cover more then just Trainz, but other train sims such as Run8 and maybe Open Rails, and any thing else that might come down the road. The name Trainz in TOPSIG I think limits it too much to just one sim, and I would feel awkward telling people in Run8 or another sim to join a TOPSIG session. But before I do ...
  4. My Amtrak Trip

    So at the end of August I took a little vacation. My girlfriend and I went to Las Vegas NV for a few days. On September 1st we drove to Los Angeles where we boarded the Amtrak Southwest Chief/Texas Eagle. There we spent the next 5 days on the train. We has a nice first class sleeper care with out own room. Our meals where covered in the cost of our tickets, so we ate good. Because the way Amtrak ran that train, our fist class care was second to last in the train out of LA. There was a private car ...
  5. A Hiatus from Trainz

    So if you guys haven't all ready noticed, I haven't been too active here recently. I haven't posed any updates on the CSX Saginaw sub. Or any thing about TOPSIG and our MRL MP sessions.

    And its all due to a few factors. One of them is work, the other is Trainz, then another project that I am trying to work on, and the last is Trains.

    As you all may know I work two jobs, working at least 8+ hours a day. Then the museum I work at has opened, so when Im not at ether of my ...
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