1. What are Trainz?

    So as many of you know, I am a long time user of this forum. Im not a well known member, but I have been around the block a few times.

    But the last 2-3 years of playing any sort of train sim has been difficult for me. Ill keep this short and do the long story below, but my over all interest in trains and train sims has dropped. I do blame my lack of ability to pursue my interest in model railroading for it a bit. But that said, I do often bounce around between playing different sims ...
  2. Nearly a Year

    So here's some updates on stuff. Been on and off working on the Saginaw Sub rebuild. I plan on getting the LSRC portion done enough to operate and sending that off to a few friends to test.

    Im getting a little hung up with grade crossings and CMTM. See, knowing the size of the railroad, as I am going though and laying track I am at least getting all the grade crossings put in. Not all the roads, but at least the ones that will have active automobile tragic over them. The idea being ...
  3. Where Has Jib Been

    So I bounce between Train Sims and other games and real life and even LARPing. Man that's a lot of stuff.

    In the past I used to run and host a 24/7 Run8 server. Well, I'm back at it in Run8 V2. Same group, same fun times:

    Or the discord with is open to anyone to join, regardless of if you play Run8 or not:

    If you are on the fence about Run8, you can also find me ...
  4. So I Was About to Make a Comment....

    ...when I had to think if it would get me in trouble.

    So rather than make the comment on the offending post.....Ill just post it here....

    This is a picture gallery I started for real pics of anything related to the railroad. With a quote or story behind it that is uplifting or thoughtful in someway that reminds us of simpler times. (please don't post drama, troll or start problems)
    I'll be posting a new pic every so often with some sort of short story
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  5. Discord, Cars, and Computers

    So a while back I started a discord server of my own. (Yea, like me and everyone else.)

    I've called it Sim Central, and I intend it to be a sort of general meeting place for different sims. A place to organize Trainz iPortal and MP sessions. Run8 Operation sessions. Group flights in flight sims. And what ever else. Mostly to avoid the cancer that has become #Trainz chat and the hassle that is trying to build a Teamspeak server. (Link removed as it now mostly a Run8 discord)

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    Trainz Simulator 12
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