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  1. Discord, Cars, and Computers

    So a while back I started a discord server of my own. (Yea, like me and everyone else.)

    I've called it Sim Central, and I intend it to be a sort of general meeting place for different sims. A place to organize Trainz iPortal and MP sessions. Run8 Operation sessions. Group flights in flight sims. And what ever else. Mostly to avoid the cancer that has become #Trainz chat and the hassle that is trying to build a Teamspeak server. (Link removed as it now mostly a Run8 discord)

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    Trainz Simulator 12
  2. My Disappointment with the Community

    This is not directed at any one in particular, and by no means everyone.

    But it seams that over the past few years ether I have gotten much, much, wiser. Or the community has gotten dumber.

    First case and point. A while ago someone posted an image of the NKP DLC pack. They used this URL http://www.simulatorcentral.com/medi...30713_0024.jpg in an image tag. They asked "What is this and has it ...
    Trainz Simulator 12
  3. Oh the Stupidity of it all

    So there is a post on the forums, I wont say which one, where a user use's "Hell," "Crap" and the three letter word for Butt that starts with an "A." It was posted over 24 hours ago and not once has a moderator changed any thing. But 5 minutes after I used the word "Idiot" I get a mod jumping me for "Swearing and insulting other members."

    1. I called someone an idiot because it was the truth. They where acting like one, so I called them ...
    Trainz Simulator 12
  4. Live Steam Builing of the CSX Saginaw Sub.

    So as I work on the CSX Saginaw Sub I am live steaming it. Meaning you can watch as I work.

    Here is the link to it: http://www.livestream.com/jibandhistrains

    Feel free to drop by and say hi or what ever. Ill try and do this every Friday, assuming I have Friday off.
  5. CSX Saginaw Sub #1

    So when I first got TRS06 so many years ago I was thrilled to see the CSX Saginaw, and the CN Holly subs built by Chrisracer on the DLS. And I admit I was a little disappointed when I noticed a lot of details where flat out wrong. But I chucked that up to the fact that it must have been hard to find the right building for areas. Then when I saw that the CSX Saginaw Sub would be built in to TRS10, well thats what sold me on TRS10. I did my research and was further disappointed by Chrisracer's work ...

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