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  1. A revolution that is already here...


    A very hot topic: 3D printing. It will surely revolutionize the world. So many great things can be done with it, but surely there is an.. "At play" use for it? Of course there is! Model trains!


    I think that is pretty darn cool.

    I have recently heard of ...
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  2. "N scale Trains Episode 3, BNSF railway" Video

    I thought this was a really neat video to share. From what I gather it is a Club layout 10 Feet by 30 Feet. It is just a shy away from being "real".

    N Scale
  3. My Website

    Hey all!
    I don't have anything much to say today.. But I would love to stir some interest in my web site... http://kbellphoto.webs.com/
    I eventually have plans to link my Image Shack Account, Youtube, and other links to this site.. My blog is also on there as well so check it out some time!
  4. A Trip to a show... *CAUTION LARGE PHOTOS*

    I am sorry for a long time inbetween posts. Times have gotten busy with some personal problems and things have been better. But I do promise some posts the next few days. In late March I atteneded a model show. I would like to share some of the things I picked up there with you!

    I went into this show with $80 and a desire to purchase a auto-rack for N scale. I was disappointed, as I was unable to find any such thing.. I Guess I'll have to turn to eBay..

    So instead I ...

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    N Scale
  5. N Scale Super Elevation

    Today marks as my first actual posting to this blog. I do not think I will normally be posting so soon between each post but this one came up today as a quick and easy experiment project. Here is what I have been currently playing around with. "Super Elevation". Super Elevating is the act of raising the outside rail of a railway line to create a bank for the train allowing for higher speeds through curves and allowing for less track wearing. When it comes to modeling this is not particularly ...

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    N Scale
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