1. The unknown man of insane projects.....

    For some odd reason I have the tendency to start projects that are INSANE and take forever to finish.

    About a month ago I started a project to replicate KHP in trainz, and this project is still ongoing.....HOWEVER!!

    I have started another project (oh no, not another one you impatient GOOF) on a Website called Roblox.

    There is a nice thing about this though. Roblox allows you to build things about 80% quicker than gMax, so a large percentage of this project ...
  2. Blog Entry: October 30th 2012 "New Beginnings"

    First blog entry of mine.....ever.

    When I first started out on Trainz, I had scattered visions of creating amazing routes and great content.....most attempts failed miserably, others seemed great at the time and faded out. My routes were "randomly generated" by whatever prototype or model train route inspired me that week.
    But recently I decided "Enough of this is enough. Its time to start over", and began purging my "inventory" of Trainz stuff in ...