1. Can someone help me finding this Lionel model?

    My Dad has a collection of Lionel models that stay in my bedroom and, among the other pieces of equipment, has the #2521 Observation/President McKinley, #2522 Vista Dome/President Harrison and the #2523 Pullman/President Garfield 18-inch aluminum passenger cars.
    He also has the #218 Santa Fe A-A consist, which has Magne-Traction, which uses magnets to provide extra 'grip' on the track to go up hills, sharp curves, and pull more. One locomotive is powered, one isn't. He says that they were ...
  2. Fictional History of my Routes

    I created some new routes that are actually two routes with two versions of each one, which means that there is actually four routes. The differences in the versions of the routes is that there is a 'present day' version and a 'steam era' version of each route. I decided to come up with a history that applies to each route. Here's the history of them:

    Steam Era Route and 1950's Route:
    The (name of railroad) is a shortline founded in (this year) and started in (this town) and made ...
  3. Is Safety Number 1 in Trainz or not?

    There's a saying going around that seems to go against what you've been told when working with tools such as a tablesaw or heavy machinery: Safety 3rd. Well, I began thinking: Since Trainz is only a simulator, which is not 'real-world', where safety is number one, where does safety place: 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.? Here's what I call 'Rules with Trainz Railroad Simulator':
    1. Have a good time on Trainz.
    2. Don't take Trainz too seriously, it is not 'the real deal', your actions while running ...
  4. Time to give Thanks

    Well, Thanksgiving has already come and gone. I wanted to write this blog earlier, but the wireless network at my grandmother's place isn't that reliable. I had to wait until today, and to get the wireless network to connect to the Internet, to write this blog. Anyway, people around this time of year what they are thankful for. People sometimes believe that they are thankful for a computer, a cellphone, a TV, internet, and other materialistic things to be thankful for. But let's face it: more and ...
  5. Side Effects of being a Railfan

    If you watch TV as much as I do, you will see commercials for different pills that are supposed to help you with a medical problem. However, the list of side effects seems longer than what the benifits that the pill is supposed to help you. So since I've seen all those commercials, I decided to come up with a blog that lists the side effects of being a railfan:

    1. All the favorite websites on your computer are train-related.
    2. Spending long hours beside the railroad tracks, waiting ...
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