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  1. cameronjames's Avatar
    I'd assume it's similar to 250 car trains pulled by 6-8 ES44AC's through the Canadian Rockies.
    The sound of eight 4000hp locomotives in run-8 fighting a 2.5% grade and hundreds of heavy rusty cars echoing all around you is an awesome experience.

    Among the top 5 sounds you can hear IRL.
  2. alby6's Avatar
    This stuff is always funy
  3. PerRock's Avatar
    Or like posting that video here...
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  5. nicholas2004's Avatar
    My Brother Is Autistic And What I Just Read Was Terrible! I think that who ever was mean to him be shall be sent to jail or/and juvie!
    (juvie means short for juvenile correctional facility!)
    Updated January 3rd, 2014 at 11:04 AM by nicholas2004 (i meant to type *him* after "to")
  6. wtokich's Avatar
    As a father of a 18 year old Autistic son who is having very aggressive/violent behaviors can any of you on the spectrum give me some advice on how to help him not be so aggitated all the time. Any medications that you took that were helpful?
  7. jordon412's Avatar
    The movie was mostly filmed in a town in Illinois (I want to say it starts with an 'S'. Springfield comes to mind), except for a few scenes in Punxsutawnney. I considered putting in '(it's a mouthful, isn't it?)' after 'Punxsutawnney, Pennsylvania.'
  8. Bhorton's Avatar
    Well lets see, Loose about 100GB of Trainz stuff (except for Payware), and tons of other games. Then I would spend a week crying.
    I am well expirenced with crashes, with having a laptop every 2 years, repairs every Summer, most of the time getting a full back up. Except with my Acer (Laptop number 4). I am on number 5, and the Acer lost about 200GB of Trainz. Not a happy day for me.
  9. Bhorton's Avatar
    Is that the same town as in the film "Groundhog Day"​?
  10. zatovisualworks's Avatar
    And there's also another group (a very large group, indeed!): Those who are non-watchers for different reasons:

    a. They don't like that sport at all.
    b. Even if they like, they can't understand it.
    c. Even if they don't understand it, they can't understand how actual playing time amounts not more than 20 minutes and this event can last hours of uninteresting blah-blah-blah from TV presenting pretenders.
    and d. Even if they can finally understand what the blah-blah-blah commentators mean, they have better things to do instead. I could tell you many, including some not suitable for children's TV time watching.

    My reason was "e". Yes, I know, not mentioned before... it could be shortened to "Who knows!".

    Hope you liked it.

    Wished it or not, I was told everything on Monday while dressed this way...

    The fly-like side of Alberte
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  11. H222's Avatar
    you forgot those who watch it because they'll get bashed if they don't. Still, I find it interesting how there was /about/ 15 minutes of gameplay in those 7 hours of watching
  12. dragonharh's Avatar
    yea the rat got me soo mad i boiled it alive
  13. Steelshaft's Avatar
    Hey agonharh,

    Nice layout. Hope you got your Willard problem under control!
    Updated February 4th, 2013 at 01:09 AM by Steelshaft
  14. Steelshaft's Avatar
    As far as plannig a scaled layout, use RTS. It's free software which lets you use actually use peices of Atlas track you would buy to the scale you want. You can cusotmise your benchwork & ad alot of Atlas building's to the layout. It's more acurate because your using actual sections of track instead of manipulating curve's which may not conform in your layout. Unless your using Flextrack.
    Updated February 4th, 2013 at 01:26 AM by Steelshaft
  15. boyerm25's Avatar
    Did you see the Coke Chase commercial?
  16. dragonharh's Avatar
    I have I made a TR copy of an Old 4x8 layout I use to have in HO scale the layout is long gone now due to being ruined by rats...... my N scale is sorta made for DP.
    here the old layout
    Real Layout

    The rat got his just reward for destroying it.
    TR12 Layout
  17. masonup's Avatar
    I make real life routes in Trainz, so it could be neither.
  18. jjanmarine3's Avatar
    There is just something special to watching and listening trains, whether it be steam, diesel or electric.
    Something special to see is a 2 mile long loaded coal train hauled by 7 electric units and banked at the back by 4 diesels up a steep gradient like here in Richards Bay coal line region.The stresses and strains that act on that long train is awesome.
  19. chrisaw's Avatar
    Salvage what I could from my externel backup drive.......or go back to photography using real cameras with film in them.

  20. dragonharh's Avatar
    I wont need to worry about it I back up all my files on exturnel drives and online.
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