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Welcome to the Trainz Project Blogs! This is where all of the latest projects are displayed in this page. You can also acess the latest of the blog entries via the site's homepage. If you missed my blog posts from the Trainz Disscusion Forms (in the new blog system), you can also view it right here. The blog entries from the Trainz forms will be copied from the blog posts to this blog as well. Stay tuned for other of my posts coming your way!

  1. A New Era of Splines: The Story

    Hello, my citizens

    I just had a dream last night (when I was sleeping with my wife), that since almost everybody makes splines, I decided to do one too. Firstly, I started off with a test spline: a piece from the 'unfinished' Medium-Level Platform I was working on, a year ago. Because there were barely any spline-related platforms here on DLS. AJS was one of them, but there were a lot of faulty errors in TRS2006 (and newer Trainz versions). Anyway, I had to go look and 'Open in Edit' ...
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  2. Big changes are ahead, and so are we

    Now as you have may have noticed, my old site, trainz.art-train.sixserve.net has gone out of business.

    Why? As you look in this pic:

    now months ago, I have received an email from SixServe (owner and provider of my site) saying that it's free services are shutting down because of 'morons' damaging the server by hacking, spaming, and making scams out of it to make it overload the server. Now i have to shut down my ...
  3. Updated Coach car Patch #1 released and new looks on cab

    Well guys, just so you know, for those whom have before downloaded the first-release Metrolink Coaches, I have a patch released on the DLS (by right click to download on the highlighted content).

    This includes:
    • Updated Thumnail
    • Added additional metadata

    It has released today (and uploaded a day ago) so it is best to download the coaches right now. Link is here: https://www.auran.com/TRS2004/DLS_vi...AssetID=243957

    In the meantime..... ...
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  4. (UPDATED) As the wedding bells trolls, more content gets underway

    Hello to everyone!! yes, I know that it has been months now since i finished section 1 of my 'unfinished route "Den Haag-Schiphol". but because i'd had stuff to do, fix up my website (now back again), and just spending time with my lovely GF, Rei Hino/Sailor Mars. Yes, if you look on my sig, on the right hand side:

    There is my Girlfriend, Rei Hino/Sailor Mars.

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  5. Section 1 now completed, Moving on to Section 2

    With all of section 1 of the route done:

    now i'll move on to Section ...
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