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  1. Trainlover16's Avatar
    Hi. Can you please tell me where i can find these cars. I would like to impliment the animated brakes into my coaches. They look great!
  2. ajrf's Avatar
    Hello. What happened to this project? Thanks
  3. MatthiasGose's Avatar
    Price will be 29.95 $. Yeah I'd love to do more trains around the world
  4. nugget2225's Avatar
    i am glad more locos are coming out from around the world,i am looking forward to this one as a gold class member. i wonder how much it will cost after the 2 weeks.
  5. RJArtim's Avatar
    WOW!!! What else is there to say...
  6. Dap's Avatar

    Your modeling skills are quite impressive, but your attention to details I find somewhat lacking, especially for payware. Are you sure the siding on this car is properly oriented. The original 1912 car diagram shows the siding vertical. Later versions show the siding horizontal as you have, but on those cars, the horizontal bracing between the diagonal and vertical bracing was not used. These horizontal braces were used only when the siding was mounted vertical.

    And your rivet and bolt placement leaves a lot to be desired. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/11...g?v=1519090336

    Furthermore, for horizon siding, your model has the width of each piece at approx. 3-1/4" and on the prototype the width is 6" to 7".

    In my humble opinion, this rendering might be acceptable for freeware, but not for payware.

    David A. Petersen

  7. shebashetan7's Avatar
    That dome must be low-profile to fit with European loading gauges.
  8. okhiu's Avatar
    The map is hilarious...
  9. maruffijd's Avatar
    You caught my attention.....
  10. oknotsen's Avatar
    Related support topic can be found here:
  11. MatthiasGose's Avatar
    This is planned when it s live on DLS.
  12. oknotsen's Avatar
    May I suggest you to make an announcement post about this on the forum?
    I mean: This topic deserves a lot more attention and it currently is "hidden" in a blog .
    Updated July 11th, 2016 at 03:22 PM by oknotsen (typo)
  13. okhiu's Avatar
    very nice but i think we lack some people with luggages, like there are in all train stations.
  14. MatthiasGose's Avatar
    Hahaha - yeah kind of
  15. pdkoester's Avatar
    Kind of looks like some of them are wearing Star Trek (old school 1960s-70s) clothing...
  16. oknotsen's Avatar
    Very curious to see the end result of this .