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An dieser Stelle werde ich in unregelmaessigen Abstaenden ueber meine Vorhaben berichten und hier und da ein paar “Spielereien und Sticheleien” publizieren. Soweit es meine Sprachkenntnisse erlauben, werde ich versuchen das zweisprachig zu gestalten.


Here I will report in irregularly intervals about my projects and publish here and there some "baubles and quips". If my language capabilities are allowing me to do so, I will try to do it bilingual.


  1. Cafe Achteck, a public pissoir


    Lately I started again building some items for Trainz. My latest object is a public pissoir from Berlin in the year 1879. I am in love with all those fine and superb details they use at that time, even for a toilet. Amazing!

    Here some impressions:

  2. Plywood Skiff

    Hello again!

    Back to introduce my latest small project. Inspired by the fishing scene in the map created by Chris, I thought a small skiff might be a good idea.
    So I started finding sketches and drawings, found finally a boat which suits my needs. And find out, that making the mesh for a boat hull is not exactly simple, but quite sophisticated...

    So I started investigations about software which can help doing a proper hull and I find a jewel called Delftship. ...

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  3. WIP: Small Wooden Landing Stage

    For my friend Chris, who is just now building a very nice route, where he needed some accessories for fishermen:

    Does somebody has drawings for a small rowing boat?

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  4. Liquid Manure Membrane Pump (Part 3)

    After doing some work I have the low polygon model ready. It has now 6.746 (before 16,345) polygons and 3.696 (before 9,164) vertices.

    Here a pic of the 'stripped' model:

    And here the ready one, where I reduced the texture from 2048x2048 down to 1024x1024:

    And by the way, here is the original:

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  5. Liquid Manure Membrane Pump (Part 2)

    Actually the mesh is finished and this is how our little stinker looks like within Trainz:

    It is still the full polygon model (16,345 polygons and 9,164 vertices), only the texture is already rendered. Later the DIA logo and all other writings will be rendered with projection rendering, also all nuts and bolts and cotter pins.

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