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  1. Big Bertha Build - Body Mesh Complete (well almost!)

    It's been raining for a week so I've had lots of time to renew my Blender skills and progress Big Bertha. Here is the complete body except for the handrails on the front footplate, the whistle and sanding tubes. I haven't made up my mind about rivets yet. There would be two bands of rivets around the smokebox and and some on the cab. I'll probably create them for texturing and then remove them to get the poly count down.

    The picture below doesn't do it justice. It looks better ...
  2. Big Bertha Build - 1st View

    by , February 28th, 2012 at 02:19 AM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    Here is Big Bertha in the early stages. This picture shows the boiler, firebox, the footplate and half a cab.

    Why half a cab? Well, the cab shell and the outside bits tend to be symmetrical so you just build one half and mirror it on the x axis to get the following:

    Neat! All the tricky ...
  3. Building a Big Bertha 0-10-0 - Introduction

    by , February 25th, 2012 at 12:05 AM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    While looking around for something to build I was asked to build a Midland Railways (MR) 0-10-0 locomotive nicknamed Big Bertha. This locomotive was built in 1919 to assist trains climbing the Lickey Incline between Bromsgrove and Birmingham. Apart from a number of trials after its build, Big Bertha spent all of its life as a "Lickey Banker" until it was scrapped in 1956. More information on the locomotive and the Lickey Incline can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MR_0-10-0_Lickey_Banker ...

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  4. Island Railways Route

    by , February 12th, 2012 at 08:58 PM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    This route I have been working on since TS2006 days and is a fictitious island route connected to a mainland by road and rail. It has been updated to TS12.

    (Edit: The route, html asset and session are now on the DLS. Kuids <kuid:186372:100024>, <kuid:186372:100100> and <kuid:186372:100096>. Or look for assets with my id - there's not that many!

    The island is ...

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    Trainz Simulator 12
  5. About me

    by , February 2nd, 2012 at 10:18 PM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    Trainz versions: Currently running TS12 (patch 49922) but have TS10 still installed. I've been a infrequent user of Trainz since TS04 but have taken a more active interest since retiring a couple of years ago.

    Current Trainz Interests:
    Content creation. I've uploaded one loco which is an 0-6-0 pannier tank (54xx class). The second version with changes to the cab including new water level gauges, whistle cord and cosmetic improvements is in the pipeline.
    Script writing. More

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