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  1. antzion's Avatar
    looking great, keep up the good work
  2. pcas1986's Avatar
    I did read it over several times and wondered if anyone could make sense of it. It was a bit warm here yesterday and maybe my brain was fried. About a month ago we had snow in the hills and yesterday was 34 or so. It was a bit uncomfortable working outside on my deck.
  3. captainkman's Avatar
    Paul, feel free to bail! i'm not paying you. Although if you do get a few extra dollars in your PayPal account, don't be surprised!
  4. matruck's Avatar
    As long as you keep on recording your thought's and process's then I'll eventually give it a try pcas, Thank's again.
  5. pcas1986's Avatar
    For Matruck,

    It's not really a tutorial - if it was then I would write somewhat differently. Its a kind of experiment to record my thought processes when trying to solve a scripting problem. After telling my customer I would do it I then had second thoughts.

    But feel free to ask a question on scripting if and when you have the need to do so.
  6. matruck's Avatar
    I didn't understand a word of this pcas lol, But thank you for the time and effort to produce it i would like to implement this at sum stage so i'll definitely be saving this tut.
    Cheers Mick.
  7. pcas1986's Avatar
    I'm curious why your beetle was straight and mine was not. There must be something different in the setup, or version or the phase of the moon! I'm now going to start on the product version of my script given the encouraging results of the loco shed. See the second blog article on that.

    One of these days I plan to make an industry but something weird with lots of moving parts, puffs of smoke and funny noises.
  8. captainkman's Avatar
    To clarify:

    Since the mini has only one texture I should have set it in the queue that allows only one, and I should have moved the Beetle into the queue that allows three.

    I didn't know the beetle was sideways. Mine works just fine. I'll address that problem later though, before I release everything.

    Now, back to my flat wagon tweaking and industry making.
  9. pcas1986's Avatar
    Well, one thing at a time. It takes time to get my head around this problem and understanding the requirements can be difficult. Often the customer doesn't always know themselves - that's normal! Often, as the program develops, new requirements are identified and that's fine.

    Not sure I understand your comment about the Mini. The browser only allows three Minis - I assumed that was because of the size. I did try the Beetle but it only loaded one and that was sideways which I think I mentioned elsewhere.

    The flat car is fine as I'm only using it as a test asset that uses products but if you want to change it or substitute another that's ok as well.
  10. captainkman's Avatar
    You forgot the scenery version of the bug.

    I should have set the Mini to only load one on the single attachment....what was I thinking! And I need to make the bug use 3 attachments for 3 individual cars. When i made the flat wagon (ok, modified, it's a modification of one by Alberte Zato) the '63 Bug product was only Herbie, but with no other colours. When i made the driveable version with different textures, I wondered if the same could be applied to other versions of Herbie, and so I asked for a script.

    I'm interested to see how this progresses. Well, I ought to be!
  11. pcas1986's Avatar
    Its the detail of the Walschaerts gear that interests me. Some of my model was guesswork. Its a real shame it was not preserved. I doubt if the sand box lids were polished!
  12. Edweird's Avatar
    Well, I've not visited the NRM in about ten years, so I think I'll make a trip there soon. If I get there before you, I'll be sure to take a lot of photographs, the cab in particular.

    Looks like she may have been a bit more decorated than we thought though. Bits of brass and bare steel everywhere.
  13. pcas1986's Avatar
    Wow! Isn't that just gorgeous? I vaguely remember seeing the model when I was there two years back but didn't take a photo. Photos of models in glass boxes don't always work because of reflections but that looks great. If, and when, I get back to the UK I will have another look and try and pick up on some detail I missed.

    There are some pending updates for BB when I find time. PEV noted I had missed a link on the reverser gear (left side looking from the front) and there are some minor changes to the engine spec. When I do those I might revisit this photo.

    It's a pity the cab interior is not in view. My cab was mostly guesswork!
  14. Edweird's Avatar
    Hey Paul,

    It's a bit of a while since we've spoken. I've used the Bertha quite a lot now (just for fun I've been using her for the Hawes Junction sessions instead of the diesels) and I'd say she is probably the most detailed locomotive I have on my PC.

    I found this a few days ago. It's a photograph of a model of Bertha from the National Railway Museum in York.

    Got to say, your virtual model looks very similar, bar maybe the shiny paint.
  15. Edweird's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by robd
    Will we ever know for sure?
    Well, that's where it's difficult isn't it; sadly the old girl's long gone, as are the men who ran her, probably.
  16. robd's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Edweird
    She certainly didn't have that livery for her entire BR service, but obviously she DID have it at some point.
    Will we ever know for sure?
  17. Edweird's Avatar
    She certainly didn't have that livery for her entire BR service, but obviously she DID have it at some point.
  18. robd's Avatar


    This how I think Big Bertha might have looked like in BR days. The reskin isn't perfect due to the way pcas1986 has mapped the textures but I think it gives the general idea of her appearance in BR days.

  19. nathanmallard's Avatar
    The plot thickens!
    The Pocket Book of Railway Locomotives by Peter Kelly has colour picture of BB, quite good quality. The description reads: "The Lickey banking engine 'Big Bertha' with it's BR number of 58100 stands ex-works at Derby in lined-out BR black livery"
    Not only does BB have lining on the tender and cabside, but on the cylinders too!
  20. Edweird's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pcas1986
    On the tender and around the cab number but none that I can see on the boiler. I think this is the only colour photo I've seen of Big Bertha. It always puzzles me why UK locos painted black tend to have a greenish tinge in photos. Perhaps its the way film was processed in those days.
    This often happens to printing, as it gets old the black ink/dye often turn green or purple.

    Also, I've just noticed in that photo, she appears to have an electric lamp on her tender too. Just above the right buffer as you look at it.
    Updated September 14th, 2012 at 06:43 AM by Edweird
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