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  1. Big Bertha - Updates for TS12

    by , January 15th, 2014 at 01:54 AM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    OK, its been a while but I've been busy!

    I've slowly been updating Big Bertha to get rid of errors and warnings for TS12 and one of the things on the list was a BR lined version. Since I have no photos or even evidence that BB had BR lining this is somewhat of a guess.

    I have not been able to determine the width of these lines so I've made a choice of 20mm. I have a nagging feeling it was an inch but 20mm looks about right on the model.

    Looking a various ...
  2. Big Bertha - Versions 3 and 4

    A few days back I uploaded Big Bertha Version 3. The changes are very minor but include:

    The missing connecting link on the right side. This is the bit from the main reverser mechanism down to the Walschaerts gear. This was detected by PEV - nobody else seemed to notice!
    And a minor change to the interior script which wasn't necessary but I did it for my own satisfaction.

    There is also a change to the enginespec after the original author (azervich) suggested some ...
  3. Big Bertha Rides Again

    by , August 24th, 2012 at 01:53 AM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    I'm pleased to say Big Bertha is complete and available on the DLS. Actually I only just got the notification from N3V and already there have been a few dozen downloads.

    There are three versions available and a total of 11 assets including:

    3 locos in MR, LMS and BR numbers and logos
    1 loco bogey
    3 cab interiors. The MR version uses a lever reverser and has a folding drivers seat. The LMS and BR versions are the same and have a screw reverser. The driver's ...
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  4. Big Bertha Build - Cab Interior - Revised Controls

    After some discussion with my client, we have decided to base Big Bertha's cab interior on the 2-8-0 7F. There are many similarities with Big Bertha and the 7F so this seems a reasonable way to go.

    Unfortunately this means discarding some of the controls I was going to use and starting over.

    So the new controls will be based on the photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/railsim...th/3752663789/

    Rebuilding the regulator was ...
  5. Big Bertha Build - Cab Interior

    Progress on this project has slowed to a crawl while I work on the cab interior. Plus I've been distracted by other things such as writing scripts and trying to solve Mick Berg's "Perpetual Motion Industry Conundrum". (my description). Not to mention football, which has been exciting recently.

    Anyway, back to the interior.

    Big Bertha was built in 1919 so pictures of her cab interior are rarer than gold nuggets lying around in my back yard. Given that she was ...
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