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  1. Substance Painter - Getting Started

    by , February 7th, 2018 at 12:12 AM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    Substance Painter is a specialist tool for 3D modellers to create textures for their models. It is not a 3D modelling tool: you need a 3D modelling tool such as 3DS Max, Maya or Blender as well.

    For Trainz purposes the basic workflow would be:
    1. Create your 3D model in your 3D editor.
    2. Export the model as FBX and import into Substance Painter.
    3. Create your textures and export as image files.
    4. Create your materials within your ...
  2. Substance Painter and CNJ840 - Getting organised

    by , February 4th, 2018 at 12:51 AM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    Why be organised?

    Most model makers will tell you that good organisation is essential for creating and managing your models. For a simple model you can probably get away with a single project folder but for complex assets such as traincars you need organisation such as a standard folder layout.

    Modelers that use products such as 3DS Max and Maya will know that those products use a standard structure for your model including scenes and images. Blender doesn't do that and ...
  3. Substance Painter and CNJ840 - An overview of the model

    by , February 3rd, 2018 at 11:58 PM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    My CNJ840 loco consists of the following assets:

    1. The loco body. The meshes for this are complete including the attachments such as doors, bell and moving windows.
    2. The interior. The cab "shell" is complete but I need to create the piping, gauges, and some of the other bits you see in a steam loco cab. I have made the reverser, regulator, firebox door, windows and doors. I don't have any pictures of this loco's cab so some of the controls will be based on other Baldwin ...

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  4. Using Substance Painter for making assets

    by , February 3rd, 2018 at 04:24 AM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    This blog will chronicle my efforts in texturing one of my locos using the new Physically Based Rendered (PBR) materials that will be introduced with TRS18. My goal is to have the loco ready for TRS18 when that version of Trainz is released.

    During my journey, I will talk about tutorials I have followed and test models that I have built. I will also talk about PBR workflows and changes I foresee in how I build my models. If there are questions, then I may digress to respond with ...
  5. Big Bertha - Updates for TS12

    by , January 15th, 2014 at 01:54 AM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    OK, its been a while but I've been busy!

    I've slowly been updating Big Bertha to get rid of errors and warnings for TS12 and one of the things on the list was a BR lined version. Since I have no photos or even evidence that BB had BR lining this is somewhat of a guess.

    I have not been able to determine the width of these lines so I've made a choice of 20mm. I have a nagging feeling it was an inch but 20mm looks about right on the model.

    Looking a various ...
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