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  1. Big Bertha - Updates for TS12

    by , January 15th, 2014 at 01:54 AM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    OK, its been a while but I've been busy!

    I've slowly been updating Big Bertha to get rid of errors and warnings for TS12 and one of the things on the list was a BR lined version. Since I have no photos or even evidence that BB had BR lining this is somewhat of a guess.

    I have not been able to determine the width of these lines so I've made a choice of 20mm. I have a nagging feeling it was an inch but 20mm looks about right on the model.

    Looking a various ...
  2. Big Bertha - Versions 3 and 4

    A few days back I uploaded Big Bertha Version 3. The changes are very minor but include:

    The missing connecting link on the right side. This is the bit from the main reverser mechanism down to the Walschaerts gear. This was detected by PEV - nobody else seemed to notice!
    And a minor change to the interior script which wasn't necessary but I did it for my own satisfaction.

    There is also a change to the enginespec after the original author (azervich) suggested some ...
  3. Big Bertha - new photo

    by , January 16th, 2013 at 01:11 AM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    While looking for something else I came across this rather nice photo of Big Bertha in the York NRM Photo Archive http://www.nrm.org.uk/ourcollection/...derby&item=314 The photo was taken in 1920 when BB was in MR livery. If you use the Prev link towards the bottom of the page there are two photos of the headlight trial, one of which I have posted before.
  4. Scripting Task - Random Car Liveries - Part 3

    by , December 1st, 2012 at 02:47 AM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)
    Unfortunately, after writing the new script, I discovered that kind products cannot have scripts. So this particular task has hit a dead end. The TrainzDev WiKi is not particularly helpful and even rather cryptic when describing products otherwise I may have picked up on this earlier. My first warning there may be a problem was when AssetX did not want to allow me to add a script tag to the asset config.txt but I tried to ignore it and added one anyway and Content Manager popped with ...
  5. Scripting Task - Random Car Liveries - Part 2

    by , November 29th, 2012 at 03:17 AM (Paul's (PCAS1986) Trainz Blog)

    Modifying the Loco Shed Script

    When writing a new script it is often useful to start with a working script and add changes to observe the effects.

    So I cloned the loco shed asset and renamed it "Pauls Engine Shed - Varying Texture". The original script was renamed Pauls_Shed.gs and the class name renamed from Tutorial to Pauls_Shed. The base class is Buildable which obviously is not suitable for Kieran's cars but that doesn't concern me at present. ...
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