1. Pixels and Polys - AC4400CW 2

    Continued from part 1:

    I decided to do the first model as CSX. CSX just isn't CSX without the AC44, so
    it had to be first. That meant I had to create yet another truck... er bogey;
    the radial. again - I didn't keep progress shots of it, not important enough I

    1 June 2017

    Now that's better.

  2. Pixels and Polys - AC4400CW 1

    "Post to your Blog" it tells me above... I don't really know how to do a blog, nor am I a great writer with a lot to say. You could ask most people who know me personally and they would say I am quiet most of the time. So here let me try to use a few images and words to show some work that has been progressing - albeit slowly.

    Most Trainz enthusiasts who enjoy US motive power know that we don't have a GE AC4400CW in a high-detail and modern form. There are some older models, ...

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