1. Collector post for off-topic posts to: Can you guess the next key feature for Trainz?

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    What about getting the TANE to work nicely on a 64 bit laptop?
    Most computers nowadays are showing that laptops are becoming more popular than the home towers now.
    However, laptops still struggle with high graphics programs.

    I was actually amazed to find that it works on my ACER S7 ultrabook with a "bog standard" Intel Graphics system! (admittedly with most of the sliders at or close to minimum - but it works).

    This is great for using T:ANE ...

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  2. new download station

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    On the old one it logs in automatically. On the new one I have to do it manually every time: It does not "remember" the user and password data. Any One experiencing the same?
    Yes, but I have now trained LastPass to handle the log in automatically for me so it no longer a hassle.
  3. Creating HTML assets for TS12 - instruction screens and trigger based pop-up screens

    As a followup to Jananon's post, I have two links to tutorials in the forums dealing with :-
    1. creating instruction web page screens designed to give users instructions on using a Trainz session, and
    2. creating web page popups triggered by events in a session such as a train reaching a set point or the activity of an industry.

    The first is at:

    The second is at:
    http://forums.auran.com/trainz/showt...ggers-Tutorial ...
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