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    I would suggest switching the nightmode from "lamp" to "home".

    home - switches on night effect at dusk and off sometime during the night
    lamp - switches the night effect on from dusk to dawn
    constant - lights are on day and night
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    Wow,love it


    Regards Jian
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    good idea why didn't trainz think of this earlier
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    I have a bit of an issue with my trainz. I downloaded Shelby Local, which is a sesson and do not know where to locate it. It is not in my sessons. How do I get it? Where do I find it? I also tried to get an SD70ACE locomotive and it shows in my railyard, but won't plant itself in survayor mode. Can anybody help.
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    Lest you readers are tempted to to label me a "whiner", or that I am speaking only for myself, [...]
    You are definitely not! It is sometimes very frustrating to experience the lethargy of most common users and even content creators. Seems the Trainz community is also degraded to a complete consumer society. They take everything as an one way street, first and foremost taking, taking, taking, not to forget demanding…

    I myself learned huge parts of my knowledge from other cc of the first generation (of whom most are gone already!) and still like to share it (lately also in a blog here). But without any feedback, the motivation disappears more and more…

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    Quote Originally Posted by Euphod
    I'm hoping with some creative editing I can provide the illusion of an interior on the exterior texture. I realize this will not change with the angle of viewing, but I'll have to make that call when I experiment a bit!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Williamb73
    Sooooo how do we do it. I don't mind the buttons and would love to have a custom BNSF SD70 to be on the menu!

    Cheers, William
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    We already have a thread by you about this , so why have a blog entrie!? P.S. Accidently Friend requested you...
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    Sooooo how do we do it. I don't mind the buttons and would love to have a custom BNSF SD70 to be on the menu!

    Cheers, William
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    Funny this farmer never mentioned it was his prize winning stud pedigree show hog. Normally it is the first line in a claim.
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    hmmm, i like the idea of having a blog dedicated to a route with no interruptions- might be worth a try..
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    For me, creating objects for trainz has generally been a case of needing something that I couldn't find anywhere else. I remember the first construction guide I made with the help of some very friendly people on the forum. A simple target to help lineup objects I was placing in Surveyor. Since then, the guides have expanded to many different types but each one was in response to a specific need I had during the construction of various routes. As a consequence, my routes are very slow to build since I constantly stop to make yet another object.

    Once the first several objects were made, I discovered it was fun just to make objects. Not just because I'm an engineer but being able to manipulate materials, even if they are virtual, to create something was very satisfying. Thus many of the more recent objects were made not because there wasn't something available but just because I could.

    Once they were in Surveyor and functioning, I sent many to the DLS. Mainly because I thought it would be a nice thing to do, to share with others who might have a similar need but couldn't for whatever reason make them. There was also a small bit of ego involved. Seeing my name listing in route dependencies, seeing the objects in other people's routes was a bit of a thrill. Plus watching the download count increase month after month was also flattering. With altogether more than 11 million copies of various objects downloaded, very flattering indeed.

    In closing, because it's fun and for my own pleasure, getting public accolades, although welcome and nice, are not that important. If that's what you're waiting for to start or continue, you'll be pretty disappointed. To it for yourself, everything else is a bonus.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ajstew22
    Hey, speaking of night mode, i cant get any of my sessions to change to night.
    Each session sets it's own start time. Go 'edit session' on the main menu, and find either the 'startup options' rule or the 'quickdrive' rule. The session start time is be specified in there.
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    lolza im a noob to this game... i can tell you whatever you need about minecraft, but NOT trainz. P.S. i have trainz mac edition.
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    Hey, speaking of night mode, i cant get any of my sessions to change to night. i know how to do it in surveyor, but it wont stay that way when i go into driver (yes ive saved). very wierd, idk if its just the one route having the problem or if its the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Euphod
    Interesting. What asset category does this apply to? Vehicle?
    Thanks for commenting.
    'none' allows you to have night mode, but never turn it on. It's been around for a long time.

    'car' was introduced in classics. The intention of 'car' was to have nightmode available when the vehicle is driving on the road, but disabled when parked.

    This is now unnecessary, as driving vehicles now need to be a different kind (trackside), so a scenery version of a vehicle can be assumed to be parked, and have the night mode either removed completely or set to 'none'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jointedrail
    Hmmm.... me thinks pehaps there should be a "Miss Manners" in TRS. Perhaps she can chum around with Lamppost Linda....

    Hmm, I think "Miss Manners" would be loath to associate with Lamp Post Linda, and wuld probably try to put "The Landing Strip" out of business!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ianwoodmore
    In some Trainz builds there are also nightmode options "car" and "none". I've not tried them but might be simpler to just change the nightmode value.
    Interesting. What asset category does this apply to? Vehicle?
    Thanks for commenting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZRandM
    I can use this, Thank you.
    Thanks for responding! I'm glad I was not wrong in suspecting that the nightmode would not be desired for some uses!
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