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    You will need to post this in the forums as not many users read the blogs.

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    Well I think it's with "[" and "]" keys. They switch positions in cab and some views are window views. At least that's what it is with some of the older Trainz games.
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    Thanks Shane, will do!
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    Can both of you please post on the forums.

    I have a utiility available that can help, but the link is available on the forum side, not the blog side.


    P.S. If you need to contact Auran/N3V, use the Helpdesk button above.
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    I own 4 versions of TRS ie. 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012. It perplexes me that when I go to the Download Station it refuses me permission, it tells me I'm not registered althought I have registered all 4 version. Most frustating. I'd like to contact Auran but no luck so far....Jim