1. sharing a route with friends

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    If you export to CDP as Alikiwi mentioned, then there are several options. Email, OneDrive or Google Drive, DropBox, mailing a CD or Thumb Drive (probably old tech at this point). Double check to make sure you have not used payware, or your friends will either have to buy those routes/assets or substitute somehow. Also, if you have built-in assets, make sure they are available to friends who have different versions. That actually goes for any of the assets you used that are T:ANE level, for anyone
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  3. How to show the auto download again

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    Build Number: 105175

    Hello, good evening from here.
    I want to ask how to show the autodownload dlc again because I have not finished it yet.
    It becomes disappeared.
    Usually when I opened the game, it automatically downloaded the content.
    Thank you so much!
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  4. traffic sunk into road bed?

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    Traffic sinks into some roads especially on hills.
    What traffic and what road? If it's a DLS route, what hill?