View Full Version : I can't connect to iTrainz Chat

March 10th, 2013, 08:12 PM
I have internet but whenever I click the connect link, nothing happends, I waited and still, nothing happends.:'(

March 11th, 2013, 02:53 AM
yeah it happens i get the same thing then the next time it works

March 11th, 2013, 09:41 PM
I got it to work, sometimes it autmaticly disconnects.

March 12th, 2013, 06:41 AM
yeah i think it's just a bug in it somewhere i don't really use it so it doesn't really bother me to notice it

March 14th, 2013, 06:52 AM
Also I got some other problems with the chat...

March 14th, 2013, 07:50 AM
Do you have anybody set as a chat buddy ? You need to add a buddy or more.

March 14th, 2013, 08:04 AM
Also I got some other problems with the chat...
iChat is currently working fine.

The only (known) technical problem there is with iChat is that people sometimes experience "chat lag", being: Lines of text not showing up directly. To solve this, simply make your chatbox more then twice as wide.
But I think that is not why you are posting this comment.

I have seen you on iChat a few times and you seem to have no problems with the technical side of the chat at all. What I think is that you have (created) problems with some of the people on the chat. Except for myself, I am not going to write down names.
In contrary to what you seem to believe:
- there is no conspiracy against you on chat
- nobody hates you (yet)
- nobody wants to do anything to you
- we are only trying to help you and explain stuff
The only thing that we told you (and probably a few times) that could be considered negative is to not use all-capital words, as that is experienced as yelling and people have a tendency to ignore you if you do that.

Next to that:
You asked on chat (and made comments related to) why nobody is reacting to you on chat. When I tried to explain you why, you seem to have decided that I am your worst enemy and on top of that accused a bunch of (other) neutral people who also tried to talk to you of "joining the enemy" which apparently is me.

Please, again, take your time to actually read what people are writing to you and do not twist their words around into something (negative) that looks like what they wrote but means something different. It does not help, neither you or them or me.
We are trying to help you, not kill you.
Again: Relax. It is a game.

March 14th, 2013, 11:53 AM
Slightly OT: am I correct in saying that the Trainz chat is a private IRC channel only accesible by/inside the game? Or could I also join it with my regular IRC client?

March 30th, 2013, 09:09 PM
Thanks oknotsen. Well I seem to be ignored by some users, I ask and they all said "no".

March 30th, 2013, 09:20 PM
Some people just don't check it a lot. Live with it.

March 30th, 2013, 09:27 PM
Well, alright!