View Full Version : How to get a MP session & route to work.

November 8th, 2012, 10:55 AM
Choose the route you want. Now in the serach window click on Arthor type in the arthor name, add location local Now click save.in the box type in the first tree letters of the aruthor name and the letter L.(dan L)now you have a quick way to get back to the route you just DLed,you will need to Down load the session first.Remember CM is not friendly at this point! After it's DLed right click on it and DL it again,right click again go to View Dep.(dependences)go to view in main list.Scroll down anything with a puzzle or DS drag it into the download helper.( this may take some time)After this is done click on the aruthor name you saved,now you should see the route and session.If there is any missing dep. you need to do the view dep. again.You may have to do two to tree times to get all the missing dep.When viewing main list look for puzzled that have ? in them they have missing dep. in them.These need to be done one at a time.(this is where your saved aruthor come in handy.)Bring you back to the route/session to do the next one.Now if you think you have all the dep. gotten/fixed go to the routes chose the one you just DLed wait to see if there is a session in progress if so click on sessions wait to see who hosting a session click on that session click join.
NOW for the disharting part.If you get a message that said this route or session cant be played then you have to go back to CM and look for more missing or faulty dep.If you get a message that said there are modifidy or missing dep.and ask do you want to change or DL them then click yes.After that is complete you should be able to join.

November 8th, 2012, 11:18 AM
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