View Full Version : Liam125's Class 170/171 Enginesounds - Sound issue

October 23rd, 2012, 10:11 AM
Hi Trainzers,

It's not often I have to ask for assistance, but in this case the asset mentioned in the title is not working correctly in TS12 (KUID is <kuid:402672:1377>). As I'm not sure if Liam125 is still an active Trainz member or not (as the user has no recent content) I could do with some assistance in fixing a sound issue relating to the engine sound.

The problem is that the enginesound keeps looping (whether it is idling,loading/unloading, or moving) and as a result creates a loud and unwanted sound that sounds nothing like the real thing (which I believe may be due to how the sound system in TS12 handles it).

If anyone has any thoughts, or is able to check this, let me know.