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August 24th, 2012, 09:27 PM
Prairie State Trainz is willing to offer space on our website to host your content for TS10-TS12. For a limited time only, your conent will be perminately hosted on our site for no cost whatsoever. If you wish to take it off our website, you can. If you want us to host Payware, that is still perminately free as well if you act now! The normal fee for payware hosting is 12.5% of sales for 6 months and 25% of sales for a year. But right now, its all free! This special is recomended to those who need to get there creations out into the world of Trainz faster and more conveniently rather than using the DLS. Please Comment, Email, or PM me if your interested and I'll gladly provide more info.

Thanks, :)