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June 29th, 2012, 07:10 PM
Hello all, its my first post so forgive me. I am looking for tutorials on modeling an interactive industry, with attached and the whole nine yards. I use 3ds max 11. Sorry if this has been elsewhere but i cant seem to find specific info on modeling it and creatin ghte asset itself to put into the game. Thanx

June 29th, 2012, 10:08 PM
The two basic consumers of products in the simulation are the Seaport and the Industry Airport. They consume Coal from Coal Tipple or Coal Mine or Ollerton Colliery; Crude from Oil Field; Petrol from Oil Refinery; Aviation Fuel from Oil Refinery; Diesel from Oil Refinery; 20ft and 40 ft containers from Container Station; General Goods from Warehouse Large or Factory8; Passengers from each other and other passenger stations; woodchips from Lumber Mill; Logs from Forestry; and Lumber from Lumber Mill.
In order for the Oil Refinery to work it needs Crude from Oil Field.
In order for Container Station to produce containers it will need Goods.
In order for the Lumber Mill to work it will need logs, have woodchips and lumber taken away.
In order for Factory8 to work it will need lumber to produce goods
In order for Warehouse Large to work it also needs goods supplied to it.
These are some of the basic items of a Trainz industrial simulation.

You can expand on this basic setup by adding more product demand objects such as coal for Powerhouse NS, Power station, Power Station 2 , Coal drop off basic or coal unloader super basic.
There are other products produced that do not have a consume side and products consumed that do not have a supply side. For these you can use a Portal or the Multiple Industry These are the Meat Packing Plant which needs cows, the Quarry needs places to take its products, the Scrap drop off needs scrap, the Bock beer brewery which needs both barley brought in and kegs taken out. the HOTT Industry Animal loader which needs pigs taken away, the ammonium nitrate which needs ammonium nitrate taken away and the Iron Mine which needs iron taken from it.